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Laurent M. Dubois, Marcello Lotti Professor of Romance Studies and History

Laurent M. Dubois
Contact Info:
Office Location:  213 Languages Building
Office Phone:  (919) 660-3112
Email Address: send me a message
Web Pages:

Teaching (Fall 2014):

    Perkins 058, Tu 03:05 PM-05:35 PM

PhDUniversity of Michigan1998
BAPrinceton University1992

Caribbean Studies
Modern and Contemporary
Decolonial and Post-colonial Studies
Globalization, Postmodernity, Contemporaneity
The Enlightenment in a Global Perspective
Research Interests: Anthropology, History and Literature of the French Caribbean and the Atlantic World

My book Haiti: The Aftershocks of History, which tells the history of the country from it's founding revolution to the present day, was published in January of 2012. In 2010 I published Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France, and continue to write about soccer at my blog Soccer Politics. I have also recently co-edited, with Julius Scott, a reader entitled Origins of the Black Atlantic and, with Thomas Bender and Richard Rabinowitz, the catalogue for the exhibit Revolution!: The Atlantic World Reborn, for which I was co-chair of the scholar's committee. I am also co-editing the "Haiti Reader" for Duke University Press. I am now focusing my research on my book on the history of the banjo (under contract with Harvard University Press), for which I have received a National Humanities Center Fellowship and a Guggenhiem Fellowship. For the past three years, I have held a Mellon New Directions Fellowship which has allowed me to study and research musicology and ethnomusicology. I am the co-director of the Haiti Laboratory at the Franklin Humanities Institute, where I work on collaborative projects in a number of areas including the history of Vodou and the question of land, environment and agriculture. I advice graduate students in both History and Romance Studies, working on a range of topics in Caribbean and French colonial and post-colonial studies.

Areas of Interest:

French Atlantic
Contemporary France
Afro-Atlantic Music and Religion


Marcello Lotti Professor of Romance Studies and History Director, Center for French and Francophone Studies Co-Director, Haiti Laboratory, Franklin Humanities Institute
Curriculum Vitae
Current Ph.D. Students   (Former Students)

  • Michael J. Becker  
  • Claire A. Payton  
  • Eliza Dandridge  
  • Joaquin Bueno  
  • Reginald Patterson  
Postdocs Mentored

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Haiti's Traces, Small Axe: A Caribbean Journal of Criticism, vol. 39 (November, 2012), pp. 177-187
  2. The Hijab on the Pitch, The Feminist Wire (August 3, 2012) [available here]
  3. Haiti: The Aftershocks of History (2012), Metropolitan Books
  4. With Thomas Bender and Richard Rabinowitz, Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn (2011), Giles Ltd [available here]
  5. With Jean Casimir, Reckoning in Haiti, in Haiti Rising: Haitian History, Culture and the Earthquake of 2010, edited by Martin Munro (2010), University of West Indies Press
  6. Egalite for All: Human Rights and the Haitian Revolution (2008) (I was the head historical consultant for Koval Films on a documentary on the Haitian Revolution, aired on PBS in January 2009..) [html]
  7. With Madison Smartt Bell, The Haitian Revolution at the Crossroads: A Discussion Between Madison Smartt Bell and Laurent Dubois,, vol. 7 no. 4 (July, 2007) [available here]
  8. Eloge Pour Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Transition, vol. 109 (Fall, 2012), pp. 21-32
  9. With Alexander Wolff, French World Cup Hero Thuram Working to Battle Racism in Soccer and Society, Sports Illustrated (June 1, 2012) [html]
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  11. Laurent Dubois and Julius S. Scott, Origins of the Black Atlantic (2009), Routledge [product_detail.asp]
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  14. Founding Editor, Soccer Politics Blog (to Present) [wcwp]
  15. With John Garrigus, Slave Revolution in the Caribbean, 1789-1804: A Brief History With Documents (2006), Bedford Press [newcatalog.aspx]
  16. Thinking Haiti, Ayiti Kraze/Haiti in Fragments, Social Text Periscope (2010) [php]
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  29. Republican Racism and Anti-Racism: A Caribbean Genealogy, French Politics, Culture and Society, vol. 18 no. 3 (Fall, 2000), pp. 5-17
  30. Republic At Sea: On the Margins of the New Europe, Transition, vol. 79 (June, 1999), pp. 64-70
  31. ‘The Price of Liberty’: Victor Hugues and the Administration of Freedom in Guadeloupe, 1794-1802, William and Mary Quarterly, vol. Quarterly 3rd series, LVI no. 2 (April, 1999), pp. 363-392
  32. A Spoonful of Blood: Blaming Haitians for AIDS, Science as Culture, vol. 6 no. 26 (Winter, 1997), pp. 7-43
Conferences Organized

  • Africans in the Americas: Making Lives in a New World, 1675-1825, Chair, Programming Committee, January, 2012 - March, 2013  
  • "The Common Wind" Conference, November, 2008  

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