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Anna-Paden Carson Lagarde,

Anna-Paden Carson Lagarde

Anna-Paden Carson is a first-year PhD candidate in Romance Studies at Duke University in the Spanish track. She specializes in early modern Spain and colonial Latin America and is particularly interested in the role of religion, law, and philosophy in the colonization of 16th century Peru. She is enrolled in the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Graduate Certificate in order to help her further explore her interests.

Carson graduated summa cum laude from Washington and Lee University in 2016 with a BA in Spanish and a minor in Poverty Studies. In pursuit of this degree, she published her capstone titled "Justice for Noncitizens: A Case for Reforming the Immigration Legal System" (2016) where she argued that the immigration legal system should be relocated to the judicial branch in order to best uphold the ideals set forth by the U.S. Constitution. She then served as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Tunja, Colombia and went on to cultivate her passion for teaching by completing Teach for America in Nashville, Tennessee and earning a MA in Teaching. Carson taught in secondary education for five years before returning to the classroom as a Davis Fellow for Peace in the Middlebury Spanish Language School and embarking on the pursuit of her doctorate in the fall.

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