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Elia Romera Figueroa,

Elia Romera Figueroa

Elia Romera Figueroa is PhD student in the Department of Romance Studies (Spanish Track) at Duke University.

Interests: Spanish 20th century popular culture, Popular music, Performance Studies, Cultural icons in Spain and Latin American, Gender Studies, Social Movements, Sound Studies, Memory and Postmemory Studies.  

Current Research: Protest music during the 1960s and 1970s in the Spanish State. In particular, the creation of networks of solidarity among singer-songwriters during concerts, collective LPs, and tours. Among the case studies are: Teresa Rebull, Elisa Serna, Julia León, Rosa León, Guillermina Motta, Lourdes Iriondo, Margariña Valderrama, and others.

Kenan Institute for Ethics (2019-2020)
Social Movements Lab (Franklin Humanities Institute) (2017-2020)

- PhD. Spanish Cultural Studies.  (Expected April 2022)
- M.A. Romance Studies. Duke University (2020)
- M.A. Spanish and Latin American Literature. University of Wyoming (2017)
- B.A. Modern Languages (English and French), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2014)
     - Convenios Internacionales Award. University of Massachusetts Lowell (Spring 2014)
     - Centre for Latin American Studies Award - Universidade de São Paulo (Fall 2013)

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Art and literature • Literature and folklore • Literature and society • Music

Recent Publications

  1. Romera Figueroa, E, Voiced Postmemories: Rozalén’s “Justo” as a Case Study of Singing, Performing, and Embodying Mourning in Spain, Status Quaestions, vol. 18 (2020), pp. 203-220  [abs]

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