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Isabel Bradley,

Isabel Bradley

I am currently a 3rd year PhD student in Romance Studies. My research at Duke centers on Caribbean epistemologies and cultural production and their emergence in ecologies such as subsistence plots, plantation monocultures, and oceans. I am interested in how situated ecological knowledge and its ties to Afro- and indigenous cosmologies can generate lines of flight and futures beyond the west’s present (mono)humanist episteme. I am drawn to the intersections of critical cartography, material culture, critical race theory, embodied knowledges, the environment/beyond-human, digital humanities, and decolonial praxes.

I aim to work within a plurality of archives that embody "ecologies of knowledge," contesting prestige hierarchies that prioritize imperial methods and meanings at the expense of local/indigenous ways of knowing. I am currently studying advanced Haitian Kreyòl, supported by a FLAS fellowship.

I have a BA in Anthropology from Indiana University. At Duke, I have taught French 101, 102, and 203.

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