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Laura Vargas,

Laura Vargas

Laura Vargas Zuleta

I started the PhD program in the Romance Studies Department at Duke University on the Fall of 2020 as a student of the Romance track. My interests are contemporary (20th and 21th Centuries) Caribbean literatures on both the Francophone and Hispanic contexts. I want to explore issues related to the intersection between feminisms, queer identities, critical animal studies, ecocriticism, and race. In other words, what interests me are issues of consumption/exploitation of bodies (factory farming, sexual violence, slavery, racism, deforestation, etc.) considered as "other" by hegemonic systems and how they play in literary texts, as well as the forms of resistance that arise in the Caribbean context to fight those forms of consumption/exploitation.
I recently started learning Hatian creole and enrolled in the CLACS graduate certificate in order to acquire more tools that help me explore my interests.
I hold a BA in Literature from the Universidad de los Andes of Colombia, where I wrote my creative writing monograph Más vale pájaro enterrado, a series of short stories that explores our relationship with other animal species. I also hold a MA in Hispanic Studies from Boston College, where I completed a Graduate Certificate in Womens and Gender Studies, as well as a Certificate Program on Responding to Campus Sexual Assault.

Contact Info:
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Teaching (Spring 2023):

    Social Sciences 124, Th 01:45 PM-03:00 PM
    (also cross-listed as AAAS 411D.02D, ENGLISH 409D.02D, HISTORY 409D.02D, LIT 409D.02D)

Recent Publications

  1. Vargas, L, Real-life and Fictional Chronologies: on building a set of timelines around René Depestre’s Hadriana dans tous mes rêves, Archipelagos Journal no. 6 (May, 2022)  [abs]

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