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Ian Erickson-Kery,

Ian Erickson-Kery

Ian Erickson-Kery is a third-year PhD student in Romance Studies at Duke University. His research focuses on how urban transformations since the 1960s, principally in Brazil and Mexico, have influenced the languages and formal strategies of writers, visual artists, and architects. His work considers how aesthetic objects confront the often-violent class, racial, sexual, and environmental dynamics of the contemporary city in order to contest dominant narratives of development and suggest alternative modes of urbanization. Further interests include the trajectories of critical theory in Latin America and figurations of global capitalism in contemporary art and literature. After completing his B.A. in Comparative Literature at Columbia University in 2014, he worked at e-flux, a web journal  and platform for contemporary art located in New York. In 2016, he was a resident at Capacete, a cultural center in Rio de Janeiro. Since beginning graduate school at Duke, he has taught in both Spanish and Portuguese. 

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Recent Publications

  1. Erickson-Kery, I, Video nas Aldeias y los terrenos de conflicto indígena en Brasil, Cine Documental, vol. 20 (2019), pp. 38-67  [abs]
  2. Erickson-Kery, I; Flom, V, David Wojnarowicz & Luis Frangella in Argentina (2017), pp. 71 pages, Cosmocosa, ISBN 9874648708

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