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Laura Florand, Senior Lecturer

Laura Florand

Florand's current main interests are contemporary French language and culture and gastronomy. As a Fulbright Fellow, she also studied the ways language, dance, and literature were being used as part of a cultural renaissance in French Polynesia (Tahiti). She is an award-winning, international bestselling writer of a memoir and multiple novels set in France. Recently, NPR selected her fiction for their list of the Top 100 Romances, a list spanning a time period from Jane Austen to today. Translated into nine languages, her works have also been nominated for Reviewers Choice Best Book of the Year, received the RT Seal of Excellence, and multiple starred reviews from Library Journal and Publishers Weekly.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  Box 90257, Durham, NC 27710
Office Phone:  (919) 660-8438
Email Address: send me a message
Web Page:

Teaching (Spring 2023):

    Perkins 059, WF 08:30 AM-09:45 AM

M.A.Duke University2000

Research Interests: The encounter of French and American cultures, French gastronomy, pedagogy, instructional technology

Current projects: Novel set on the Ile St. Louis, Paris, to appear in 2013. , Effective use of technology for student target language multiliteracy.

Areas of Interest:

French language and culture, instructional technology, pedagogy, writing

Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Florand, L, A Wish Upon Jasmine (September, 2015), pp. 322 pages, Laura Florand, ISBN 1943168024  [abs]
  2. Florand, L, Once Upon a Rose (January, 2015)
  3. Florand, L, Shadowed Heart (December, 2014)
  4. Florand, L, Sun-Kissed (May, 2014), pp. 226 pages, Laura Florand, ISBN 0988506556
  5. Florand, L, The Chocolate Temptation (January, 2014)
Selected Invited Talks

  1. Culture, Community, Communication: VoiceThread in Student Oral and Written Production, November 21, 2010, ACTFL 2010, Boston MA    
  2. Communication Among Peers: Conveying Meaning, Building Voice, April 30, 2010, 10th Annual Instructional Technology Showcase, Duke University    
  3. Multimedia Discussions Beyond Classroom Walls, April 15, 2010, Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT) Conference, Winston-Salem, North Carolina    
  4. Extending Language Communities Beyond the Classroom: Using VoiceThread for Language Proficiency, March 11, 2010, University of West Georgia    
  5. Gastronomie et Identité: Une Conversation avec Laura Florand, March 10, 2010, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia    
  6. Blame It on French: From UWG to Tahiti to Paris, March 10, 2010, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia    
  7. Language and Culture through Creative Films, November 21, 2009, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Annual Convention and World Language Expo, San Diego, California    
  8. Speak, Write, Listen, Watch...Engage: VoiceThread in the Language Course, September 29, 2009, Language and Pedagogy Round Table Series, Duke University    
  9. Communicating about Culture: Student-Produced Podcasts, October 11, 2008, Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, University of North Carolina-Wilmington    
  10. Taking It Outside: Vodcasts and Podcasts in Third-Semester Language Classes, August, 2007, Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. University of Wisconsin-Madison    
  11. La Danse en Polynésie française, November, 2005, Guilford College, Greensboro North Carolina    
Selected Grant Support

  • Oral Assignments Fellows for Language Faculty, Duke University Center for Instructional Technology.      
  • Student Video Faculty Fellows, Duke University Center for Instructional Technology.      

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