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Laurel Iber,

Laurel Iber

My research focuses on the construction and representation of gender, sex, and sexuality in nineteenth-century France, particularly within the spheres of literature, art history, and legal medicine. I devote special attention to marginal figures such as the "hermaphrodite," the "androgyne," and the "sexual invert," as they were called in nineteenth-century terms. 

Contact Info:
Office Location:  010 Languages Building
Email Address: send me a message


BFAUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison2010

French Studies
Modernity and Modernism
Film, Media and Visual Studies
Research Interests:

Laurel's research explores 19th and 20th C. French literature as it intersects visual art and cinema of the same period.

Areas of Interest:

19th-20th C. French Literature and Culture
19th-20th C. Western Art History
French Cinema
Movements of the Avant-Garde
Theory of the Image
Gender, Sexuality, Identity, and Otherness

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