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Deborah S Reisinger, Lecturer, French,

Deborah S Reisinger
Contact Info:
Office Location:  06 Languages Building
Office Phone:  (919) 660-2420
Email Address: send me a message
Web Page:

Teaching (Fall 2014):

    Languages 109, MWF 08:45 AM-09:45 AM
    Social Sciences 105, WF 10:05 AM-11:20 AM
    (also cross-listed as GLHLTH 325S.01, ICS 332S.01)
Office Hours:

Monday 10-11, Wednesday 11:30-12:30, and (frequently) by appointment.

PhD in French Literature, Supporting Program in Cultural StudiesUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2001
MA in French Literature,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1995
BA in French Literature; BA in East Asian Language and Cultures,University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS1992

French Studies
Linguistics and Theories of Pedagogy
Research Interests: Applied Linguistics, Machine Translation, Business Language Studies, Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum

Current projects: Machine Translation in Language Acquisition, Business Language Studies : Social Entrepreneurship in West Africa, French for Specific Purposes: Global Health and Refugee Populations, AP French Exam Development Committee

Areas of Interest:

Contemporary French culture
Computer Assisted Language Learning (Machine Translation)
Applied Linguistics
Business Language Studies (Social Entrepreneurship)
French for Specific Purposes (Global Health, Education)


Contemporary French culture • Computer Assisted Language Learning • Machine Translation • Applied Linguistics • Business Language Studies • French for Specific Purposes • Global Health

Curriculum Vitae
Recently Featured in:

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. D.S. Reisinger, Crime and Media in Contemporary France, Comparative Cultural Studies (February, 2007), pp. 230, Purdue University Press
  2. D.S. Reisinger, Murder and Banality in the Contemporary fait divers, South Central Review, vol. 17 no. 4 (2000), pp. 84-99
  3. D.S. Reisinger, Samantha Earp, Joan Clifford, Effective Uses of a Course Management System, in Teaching with Technology, Heinle Professional Series in Language Instruction, edited by Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz, Lara Lomicka (Fall, 2003), Heinle
  4. D.S. Reisinger, Marketing to the World (November, 2008) [idea.html#nov08]
  5. Deb S. Reisinger, “Literary and Cinematic Responses to the Crime Story in Contemporary France.”, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture., vol. Vol 9 no. 4 (2007), pp. 1-10 [available here]
  6. D.S. Reisinger, Le Tour de France: sport et identité, Multimedia CD-ROM (Fall, 2005) [htm]
  7. D.S. Reisinger, de l'aide: Directory of Elementary Language Activities for Instructors at Duke (2003) [html]  [abs]
Conferences Organized

  • Abstract Reviewer for International CIBER Business Language Conference, 2010 - present  
  • International Center for International Business and Education Research (CIBER) Conference, Conference Committee, September, 2013 - April, 2014  
  • Tri-Tech Foreign Language Technology Conference, Feb 2003, March 2004  
Deb Reisinger received her Ph.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she specialized in Twentieth-century French and Francophone Literature and Cultural Studies. Her current research focuses on contemporary culture studies, French for Specific Purposes (business, marketing, global health), and instructional technologies. Deb is an affiliate faculty member in Markets and Management Studies, the Canadian Studies Program, and the Global Health Institute. She directs the Duke in Montréal summer program and is Chair of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) Commission on French for Business and Economic Purposes. She is director of the Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum initiative at Duke.

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