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Curriculum Vitae

Carol Apollonio

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Box 90259, Durham, NC 27708-0259 (919) 451-0844 (office)

Ph.D.University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill1987
MA in Russian LiteratureUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1980
BA in Government (Summa cum Laude)Ohio University Honors Tutorial College1977
Areas of Research

19th Century Russian Literature, Language Pedagogy, Translation & Interpreting Theory and Practice. Russian Post-Glasnost Prose Fiction, and Japanese Language & Literature

Professional Experience / Employment History

Duke University
Associate Professor of the Practice of Slavics, 1995 - present
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Slavics, 1989 - 1995
Lecturer, Russian Language, 1985 - 1989
Instructor, Russian Language, 1980 - 1983
contractor: U.S. Department of State
Conference Interpreter (Russian), 1989 - present
Areas of experience: arms control, diplomacy, public policy, nuclear energy and nuclear safety; business.
North Carolina State University
Lecturer, Japanese Language, 1987 - 1988
Contractor: U.S. Department of State
Escort Interpreter (Russian), 1982 - 1989
Abstracts of Soviet and East European Emigre Periodical Literature (ASEEPL)
Translator, Volunteer, 1982 - 1983
University of Virginia
Instructor, Russian Language, Summer, 1982
Intensive residential course in the Summer Foreighn Language Institute
Research Triangle Park
Translator, Russian to English, 1980 - 1983
Environmental Protection Agency
Clerk-Translator, 1980 - 1983
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Teaching Assistantships, 1979-1980; 1977-1978
Graduate School Research Assistantship, 1978 - 1979
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Teaching Assistant, Russian Language, 1977 - 1980
Visiting Positions
Visiting Researcher, The Osaka University Graduate School of Language and Culture, 1995 - 1996
Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Chekhov Sesquicentennial Medal, Russian Ministry of Culture, December, 2011
Excellence in Advising Award, Duke University, September, 2009
Faculty in Residence Program of the Year, Duke Univesity, RLHS, April, 2009
HOPE Professor, Duke University, April, 2006
Faculty in Residence Program of the Year, April, 2005
Faculty in Residence Program of the Year, April, 2004
Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award, October, 2003
Duke Alumni Distingushed Undergradute Teaching Award, Duke University
Phi Beta Kappa, Ohio University Alumna, January, 1996
Japan-United States Friendship Commission Prize for the Translation of Japanese Literature, Donald Keene Center, Columbia University, April, 1988
Japan-United States Freindship Commission Prize, Japan-United States Friendship Commission
North Carolina Japan Center Fellow, June, 1983
Ohio University President's Honor Award, 1978


Books and Monographs

  1. Apollonio, C; Lapushin, R. "Chekhov's Letters Biography, Context, Poetics."  Lexington Books, November, 2018: 368 pages.
  2. Apollonio, C. "Simply Chekhov."  October, 2018
  3. Ganieva, A. "Bride and Groom."  Deep Vellum, 2018 translated by Apollonio, C
  4. Ganieva, A. "The Mountain and the Wall."  Deep Vellum Publishing, June, 2015: 264 pages.
  5. Apollonio, C. "The Maya Pill (Tabletka) by German Sadulaev."  Dalkey Archive Press, 2013
  6. Apollonio, C; Britlinger, A. "Checkhov for the Twenty-First Century."  Slavica, 2012
  7. Apollonio, C. "The New Russian Dostoevsky: Readings for the Twenty-First Century."  Ed. Apollonio, C Slavica, 2010 translated by Apollonio, C
  8. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky's Secrets: Reading Against the Grain."  Studies in Russian Literature and ThoughtNorthwestern University Press, 2009
  9.  "Intimacy and Terror: Soviet Diaries of the 1930s."  Ed. Lahusen, T; Garros, V; Koranevskaya, N The New Press, 1995: 394-394. translated by Flath (Apollonio), C
  10. Andrews, E; Tuyl, JV; Maksimova, E; Dolgova, I; Flath (Apollonio), C. "С месма б карьер: Leaping Into Russian. A Systematic Introduction to Contemporary Russian Grammar."  Focus, 1993
  11. Kizaki, S. "The Sunken Temple."  Kodansha International Ltd., 1993 translated by Flath (Apollonio), C

Edited Volumes

  1. C. Apollonio, Angela Brintlinger. Chekhov for the 21st entry.  Slavica, 2012.
  2.  The New Russian Dostoevsky: Readings for the Twenty-First Century.  Slavica, 2010

Papers Published

  1. Apollonio, C. "Freedom from Violence and Lies: Anton Chekhov’s Life and Writings by Michael C. Finke." Slavonic and East European Review 100.2 (April, 2022): 362-364. [doi]
  2. Apollonio, C. "THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR." Tls the Times Literary Supplement 6097 (2020): 6-7.
  3. Apollonio, C. "AND THE EARTH WILL SIT ON THE MOON Essential stories." Tls the Times Literary Supplement 6097 (2020): 6-7.
  4. Belknap, R; Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky in the lives of remarkable people." Slavic and East European Journal 60.2 (June, 2016): 241-251.
  5. Apollonio, C. "Dostoevsky: Translator and translated." Dostoevsky in Context (January, 2016): 236-243. [doi]
  6. Apollonio, C. "Translation and the Making of Modern Russian Literature.." Russian Review 75.2 (2016): 316-317.
  7. Apollonio, C. "Antosha & Levitasha: The Shared Lives and Art of Anton Chekhov and Isaac Levitan." Slavic and East European Journal 60.2 (2016): 347-349.
  8. Apollonio, C. "Notes from the Dead House: An Exercise in Spatial Reading or Three Crowd Scenes." Российский Гуманитарный Журнал 3.5 (April, 2015).
  9. Apollonio, C. "Еще о проблеме коммуникации у Чехова: рассказ «Ванька»»." Чеховская карта мира (April, 2015).
  10. Apollonio, C. "I Gotta be Мы: The Plot of the Egotistical Pronoun in Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground." Russian Collection of Dostoevsky's Scholarship (April, 2015).
  11. Apollonio, C. "Paradoxes of Solitary Confinement in Notes from Underground and Notes from the Dead." Dostoevsky Beyond Dostoevsky (April, 2015).
  12. Apollonio, C. "Prophecy in 'The Peasant Marei'." The Dostoevsky Studies 18 (April, 2015).
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  14. Apollonio, C. "Does the Translation Matter?." Tolstoy 100 Years On (April, 2015).
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Papers In Preparation

  1. C. Apollonio. "“Dostoevsky and Translation,”." Dostoevsky in Context  (2014).
  2. C. Apollonio. ""Chekhov's Language: Saying and Meaning"." MLA: Approaches to Teaching Chekhov  (2014).
  3. C. Apollonio. ""Does the Translation Matter? War and Peace in English" (article)." Tolstoy 100 Years On  (2011-12).
  4. C. Apollonio. "Chekhov's Prose in Translation."   (2009).

Book Reviews

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Invited Lectures

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Conferences Organized

Program Committee: Chekhov on Stage and Page, Program Committee: Chekhov on Stage and Page. December 2, 2010 - December 4, 2010, December 2, 2010  
Initiator, fund-raiser and coordinator, Chekhov Centennial Conference, April 2004  
Co-organizer, The legacy of Chekhov, February 21, 2004  
Professional Service

A&S Council
member, Undergraduate Conduct Board, 2010 - present  
Arts and Sciences Council, October 2013  
Arts and Sciences Council, December 2012  
Committee on Early Undergraduate Engagement, December 2012  
SES Representative, Arts and Sciences Council, December 2010  
Co-Chair, Summer Reading Committee, December 2010  
Arts and Sciences Council Representative, 1993 - 1995; 1997-1999  
University Committee
DukeEngage Faculty Review committee, October 2013  
Committee on Early Undergraduate Engagement, October 2013  
co-chair, Summer Reading Committee, September 2009  
Summer Reading Committee: Co-Chair, December 2008  
Summer Reading Committee: Co-Chair, 2007  
Foreign Language Task Force, 1998- 2000  
Advisor for House courses, Fall, 2003; Spring, 2005 (unofficial)  
Dept Committee
Speaker committee, December 2008  
Guest speakers committee, December 2006  
Papers Refereed
Dostoevsky translation refereed for Oxford World Classics, December 2013  
paper refereed, October 2013  
paper refereed, October 2013  
Editorial Board, Slavic and East European Journal, Editorial Board, Slavic and East European Journal . 2013, January-October 2013  
AATSEEL Annual Conference, December 2010  
peer review for SEEJ, September 2009  
referee for AATSEEL Conference submissions, September 2009  
Member : SCSS Board, Member : SCSS Board. September 18, 2009, September 2009  
reviewed submissions to the AAATSEEL Conference, December 2008  
reviewed a paper submitted to Dostoevsky Studies, December 2008  
peer reviews and "jury service", October 31, 2007  
peer reviews and "jury service", August 2007  
Tenure Review external reviewer, December 2006  
Professional Activities
Member of the Executive Committee, SCSS, 2006 - present  
North American Chekhov Society: Member of the Executive Board, 2005 - present  
Reader, Slavic and East European Journal, Russian Review, Slavic Review, and Focus Publishing, 2002  
Reader for the ALTA Translation Prize, 2002  
Awards Committee, Awards Committee. SCSS. 2002 - 2015, 2002-  
Conference Interpretor (Russian-English), July 2006  
Member, AATSEEL, AAAS, SCSS (Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, CATI (Carolina Association of Translators and Interpretors), ACTR & ALTA, July 2006  
Executive Committee, SCSS, July 2006  
Invited outside reviewer, Russian and European Studies Program, March, 2005  
Publications Committee, Publications Committee. AATSEEL. 2002 - 2004, 2002; 2003; 2004  
Heldt Translation Prize Committee, Heldt Translation Prize Committee. AWSS. 2001 - 2004, 2001 - 2004  
Reviewer of abstracts for the AATSEEL Annual Meetings, 1999, 2000, 2004  
President, AATSEEL, Carolina Chapter, 1989 - 1990  
Member, American Translators Association, 1982  
University Services
premajor advising, October 2013  
Faculty in Residence, 2003 - 2011  
FAC board support and orientation activities, September 2009  
faculty in residence, December 2008  
scholarship student recruitment (OUSF), April, 2007  
DILR presentation: "Notes from Underground", December 2006  
Advisor, BAD (Bulgarian Association of Duke), 2005  
Advisor, Duke Russian Union and DURSA, 1991 - 2004  
faculty in residence, 2003  
"Uncle Vanya", "Great Books" course, Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement, October 10, 2000  
"Uncle Vanya", "Great Books" course, Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement, October 10, 2000  
Community Services
Editorial Board, Editorial Board. Неизвестный Достоевский. 2014, 1 January 2014  
External reviewer for promotion, External reviewer for promotion . 2014, 1 January 2014  
Graduate Advising, Graduate Advising. SUNY Binghamton. May 2013, 1 May 2013  
Consulting reviewer, Russian for Dummies, 2nd Edition, 1 January 2012  
External reviewer for tenure, External reviewer for tenure. 2006, 1 January 2006  
Invited outside reviewer, Russian and East European Studies program, 1 March 2005  
Reader for ALTA Tranlation Prize, Reader for ALTA Tranlation Prize. ALTA. 2002, 1 January 2002  
Editorial Board, Editorial Board. North American Chekhov Society. 2004 - 2015, 2004-15  
Reader, Reader. Northwestern University Press. 1999 - 2015, 1999-2015  
Executive Council, Executive Council. SCSS. 2006 - 2011, 2006-11  
Habitat for Humanity, July 2010  
ESL teaching, 2008  
Program Committee, Program Committee. SCSS. 2005 - 2006, 2005-06  
Organizer of Wilson Residents, Served food at the Urban Ministries on Wednesdays with first-year students., Wednesday nights, fall 2005  
Amerika no seikatsu (Life in America), December 20, 1995  
Russian Advertising and Current Russian Culture, Spring, 1992  
Nihon to Amerika no kyoiku no kurabe (Comparing American and Japanese Education), May 18, 1991  
President, President. Carolinas Chapter of AATSEEL. 1989 - 1990, 1989-90  
Special Projects
Duke Great Books Seminar (DILR) "Notes from Underground", Spring, 2005  
Robertson Scholars Collaboration Fund Grant, 2003 - 2004  
"The Legacy of Chekhov", February 21, 2004  
CIT Instructional Technology Fellow, 2002 - 2003  
Organizer, Russian Culture Day: The Devil in Russia, April 14, 2001  
Duke Great Books Seminar (DILR) "Uncle Vanya", October 10, 2000  
Duke Great Books Seminar (DILR) "Rothschild's Fiddle", December 8, 1998 & October 28, 2003  
Dostoevsky Day: A Symposium, December 8, 1997  
External reviewer for promotion, External reviewer for promotion. 2013 - 2014, 2013-14  
Outside Examiner, PhD Dissertation Committee, October 2013  
External reviewer for tenure, External reviewer for tenure. 2013, January-October 2013  
External reviewer for Program Review: Department of German and Russian, Wake Forest University, 2005  
External Program Review: Department of German and Russian, Wake Forest University, 2005  
Elected/Appointed Positions
member of the Executive Board, North American Chekhov Society: Member of the Executive Board, 2007 - present  
President, President. North American Dostoevsky Society. 2013, January-December 2013  
International member, International member. Expert Council for Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, Law and Scholarship, Russian Fund for the Humanities. 2013, January-October 2013  
President, North American Dostoevsky Society, December 2012  
member, Editorial Board: FROM THE OTHER SHORE: Russian Writers Abroad Past and Present, December 2009  
Member of the Executive Board, North American Chekhov Society, December 2006  
SCSS: Member of the Executive Board; Program Committee, December 2006  
Committee on Early Undergraduate Engagement, 2012-15  
Editorial Board, Dostoevsky Studies, 2011-15  
summary of service, December 2006  
Doctoral Theses Directed

Joseph Fitzpatrick, Russian Englished, (2006 - August, 2007)  

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