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Curriculum Vitae

Jody McAuliffe

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Box 90680, Durham, NC 27708-0680 (919) 660-3363 (office)

M.F.A.Yale University1980
B.S.Northwestern University1976
Pushkin InstituteMoscow, U.S.S.R.
Areas of Research

Literary & Cultural Criticism, translation, Russian theater

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Collaboration Development Grant, Council for the Arts
Faculty Research Grant, Arts & Sciences Council
Josiah Trent Memorial Foundation Grant, July, 2015
Grant, Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation
Duke Faculty Fellowship in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, 2014
Duke Faculty Fellowship, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Humanities Writ Large, Performance and Integrated Media, Mellon Foundation, 2012
Best Direction, The Birthday Party, Independent Weekly, Independent Weekly, February, 2011
Collaboration Development Grant, Duke University Council For The Arts, Duke University Council For The Arts, 2010
Franklin Center Fellowship, Innovating Forms, Franklin Center, 2009-10
Visual Studies Initiative, Unknown, 2008-9
Provost's Common Fund, Unknown, July, 2008
Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation Grant, November, 2007
Collaboration Development Grant, Duke University Council For The Arts, October, 2007
Faculty Travel Award, Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies, October, 2007
Best Direction Shadow of Himself, Independent Weekly, 2007
Semi-finalist, National Playwrights Conference, Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, 2007
Trinity College Distinguished Teaching Award, 1994-1995
Provost's Common Fund
Certificate of Achievement, N.C. International Film & Video Festival, 1991
International Research & Exchanges Board short-term travel grant
Travel Grant, International Research & Exchanges Board, 1990
U.S./Japan Artist Exchange Fellowship Program (Alternate), National Endowment for the Arts, 1990
Directing Workshop for Women, American Film Institute, 1987-1989
Directing Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts, 1984-1985
Excellence in Theater Award, Northwestern University
Certificate of Merit, National Merit Scholarship Program
Illinois State Scholar
Professional Affiliations

Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers
Professional Member of Pen American Center
American Society for Theatre Research
International Federation for Theatre Research


Books and Monographs

  1. McAuliffe, J. "The Mythical Bill, A Neurological Memoir."  Sightline SeriesUniversity of Iowa Press, 2013
  2. McAuliffe, J. "My Lovely Suicides (a novel)."  Ravenna Press, 2008
  3. Jody McAuliffe and Frank Lentricchia, translated into Turkish by Ayrinti Yayinlari. "Crimes of Art and Terror."  2005
  4. Lentricchia, F; McAuliffe, J. "Crimes of Art and Terror."  University of Chicago Press, November, 2003: 200 pages.
  5.  "Plays, Movies, and Critics."  Ed. McAuliffe, J Duke Press, 1993

Papers Published

  1. McAuliffe, J. "Ibsen in practice, relational readings of performance, cultural encounters and power." Studies in Theatre and Performance 36.1 (January, 2016): 98-99. [doi]
  2. McAuliffe, J. "Bozo’s Circus." Litscapes: Collected Writings 2015 (May, 2015).
  3. McAuliffe, J. "Gulag Follies." Ethics & Images of Pain (2012).
  4. McAuliffe, J. "Enda Walsh - med unik scenisk fantasi." Norwegian Shakespeare and Theatre Magazine (2011).
  5. McAuliffe, J. "Mythical Bill: An Inordinately Bright, Dreary Life." Topograph: New writing from the Carolinas and the landscape beyond (2010).
  6. McAuliffe, J. "Maly Theatre of St. Petersburg’s production of Uncle Vanya." Norwegian Shakespeare and Theatre Magazine (2010).
  7. McAuliffe, J. "He Sings the Body Tinterotic." Frank Lentricchia: Essays on his Fiction (2009).
  8. McAuliffe, J. "The Wooster Group - La Didone." Norsk Shakespeare Og Teater Tidsskrift (2009).
  9. McAuliffe, J. "Mesterlig av Caryl Churchill." Norsk Shakespeare Og Teater Tidsskrift (2008).
  10. McAuliffe, J. "Fire korte av Beckett." Norsk Shakespeare Og Teater Tidsskrift (2008).
  11. McAuliffe, J. "Den ultimate feminist." Norsk Shakespeare Og Teater Tidsskrift (2008).
  12. McAuliffe, J. "Teater som inkvisisjon." Norsk Shakespeare Og Teater Tidsskrift (2008).
  13. McAuliffe, J. "Faulkners romanunivers til scenen." Norsk Shakespeare Og Teater Tidsskrift (2008).
  14. McAuliffe, J. "Boos etterkommere (Descendants of Boo)." Vagant Magazine, Norway (September, 2006).
  15. McAuliffe, J. "Lucia Joyce as Cordelia and the Fool." Journal of Modern Literature (2005).
  16. McAuliffe, J. "Grave Love." South Atlantic Quarterly (December, 2003).
  17. with Frank Lentricchia. "Groundzeroland." South Atlantic QuarterlyDissent from the Homeland: Essays after 9/11 (2003).
  18. William Noland. "The Image World of Mao II." South Atlantic Quarterly (2003). (contains my notes on William Noland's images)
  19. McAuliffe, J; Lentricchia, F. "Groundzeroland." Dissent from the Homeland: Essays after 9/11 (2003).
  20. McAuliffe, J. "Fire and Water." The Norwegian Shakespeare and Theatre Magazine (2003).
  21. McAuliffe, J. "Not So Far Away." The Norwegian Shakespeare and Theatre Magazine (2003).
  22. McAuliffe, J. "Reflections on a Director’s Process." The New Trial (2001). (translated by Evers, K; Rollerston, J)
  23. McAuliffe, J. "The Imaginary Letters of Heinrich von Kleist to the Poet Holderlin." Literary Imagination (Winter, 2001). (fiction)
  24. Various,. "Mysterious actions: New American drama." South Atlantic Quarterly 99.2/3 (2000): 273-275. (Guest Editor) [doi]
  25. McAuliffe, J. "The Neurology of Ninfa." Italy, Italy (1999).
  26. McAuliffe, J. "Standing on End." Southwest Review (Spring, 1989). (short story)

Book Reviews

  1.  Political and Protest Theatre after 9/11, Patriotic Dissent. ed. Graley Herren. Text & Presentation, 2012The Comparative Drama Conference Series 9 (2013).
Invited Lectures

  1. Dramaturg, Panelist, 1 January 2018  
  2. Literature in Music & Music in Literature, "Use of Music in the Stage Adaptation of Shalamov's Kolyma Tales", Duke University, 2013  
  3. The Mythical Bill, A Neurological Memoir, Duke University, 2013  
  4. The Mythical Bill, A Neurological Memoir, The Regulator Bookshop, 2013  
  5. The Ballad of the Pine Tree Killers by Rebecca Kricheldorf, staged reading, Theatrical Translation as Creative Process: A Conference/Festival, Process Series, UNC/Duke, 2012, 29 November 2011  
  6. Film/Video/Digital Capstone,On Directing Actors, Duke University, Spring, 2009, Spring 2010  
  7. Ibsen's "Ghosts", Insight Speakers Series, Triad Stage, Greensboro, Spring, 2009  
  8. RODINA (documentary short), Scenes of Secrecy, Interdisciplinary Inquiries on Suspicion, Intelligence, and Security, Duke University, October 17-18, 2008  
  9. Crimes of Art and Terror, Dipartimento di Lingue, Universita Di Bologna, Italy, November, 2007  
  10. Crimes of Art and Terror, Temple University, 2004  
  11. Crimes of Art and Terror, Dartmouth College, 2004  
  12. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, History 175S The Southern Plantation, Duke U., 2003  
  13. Why Things Burn, TS 91 Introduction to Theater Studies, 2003  
  14. Student for a Day Lecture Series, Duke University Parents' Weekend, 1996  
Professional Service

Goknar Review Committee, SES, 2008-2009  
Chair (2008), Curriculum Committee, December 2008  
Curriculum Committee, 2006-2009  
SES New Major Committee, 2006-present  

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