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Slavic and Eurasian Studies Faculty: Publications since January 2019

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Becker, Charles M.

  1. Becker, C; Rickert, T. "Zoned out? The determinants of manufactured housing rents: Evidence from North Carolina." Journal of Housing Economics 46 (December, 2019). [doi]  [abs]

Duda, Paulina

  1. Duda, P. "Transgressing boundaries between film and music videos: Smarzowski, Kolski, and music videos in Poland." Studies in Eastern European Cinema 10.2 (January, 2019): 146-160. [doi]  [abs]

Göknar, Erdag

  1. ""The Turkish Novel: Modernity, Modernism, and Postmodernism"." Blackwell Encyclopedia of the Novel  (Fall, 20010).
  2. Goknar, E. "Conspiracy Theory in Turkey: Politics and Protest in the Age of "Post-Truth"." Middle East Journal 73.2 (June, 2019): 336-337.

Hacohen, Malachi H.

  1. Hacohen, MH. "The young popper as a scholarly field: A comment on dahms, hansen, and ter hark." Karl Popper: A Centenary Assessment 1June, 2019. 99-110.

Holmgren, Beth

  1. Holmgren, B. "Cabaret Nation: The Jewish Foundations of Kabaret Literacki, 1920-1929.." Poland and Hungary Jewish Realities Compared (February, 2019): 273-288.  [abs]
  2. Holmgren, B. A Whole World of Mythology. ed. Baumgartner, J. Women'S Review of Books 36.1 (February, 2019): 12-13.  [abs]
  3. Holmgren, B. "Holocaust history and jewish heritage preservation: Scholars and stewards working in pis-ruled Poland." Shofar: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies 37.1 (January, 2019): 96-107. [doi]  [abs]

Price, Gareth O.

  1. Price, GO. Language, Society, and the State: From Colonization to Globalization in Taiwan. de Gruyter Mouton, 2019.

Zitser, Ernest

  1. Fedyukin, I; Collis, R; Zitser, EA. "Drinking Diplomacy: The St. Petersburg ‘Ordre des Antisobres’ and Fraternal Culture among European Envoys in Early Imperial Russia." The International History Review 42.1 (January, 2020): 60-76. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Zitser, E. ""A White Crow: Raphael Lemkin's Intellectual Interlude at Duke University, 1941-1942"." The North Carolina Historical Review XCVI.1 (January, 2019): 34-66.

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