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Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman,


Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman


Research Interests:

Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman

Office Info

Office: 144 Soc/Psych
Phone: 919-660-5633
Email Address:   send me a message
Fax: 919-660-5623
Office hrs:

Advisor: Bonilla-Silva and George; Smith-Lovin;Burton; James; Winddance Twine

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Areas of Interest:

Mental Health, Social Psychology, Race & Ethnicity, Inequality, Race in Latin America - Brazil
My research is grounded in race & ethnicity, social psychology, mental health and developmental perspectives and it focuses on the lives of adolescents of African-descent in the poor, Northeastern region of Brazil. I am particularly interested in understanding how racial hierarchies/colorism orchestrate racial socialization in families in ways that may lead to differential treatment among siblings and negative life outcomes. There is a distinct comparative aspect of my research, as I also examine how colorism functions in the United States. I have co-authored an article with Burton and Bonilla-Silva that addresses colorism and its consequences in U.S. families. A second component of my research is a quantitative and experimental approach to understanding lived experiences of race and exploring heterogeneity of blacks in the U.S. I am particularly interested in understanding the psychological anxiety associated with life in the U.S. and my research has an emphasis on educational institutions. Additionally, this research explores whether native and non-native blacks respond similarly to stereotype threat and it uses affect control theory to study how these groups may respond differently in studies of distributive justice. 
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