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Lisa A Keister, Gilhuly Family Professor

Lisa A Keister


Short Description of Research Approach:

Lisa A Keister
Gilhuly Family Professor

Office Info

Office: 336 Soc/Psych Bldg
Phone: (919) 660-5624
Email Address:   send me a message
Fax: 919-660-5623
Office hrs:

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Areas of Interest:

Economic sociology
Organizations and organization theory
Social stratification
Chinese economic transformation
Chinese society
I am an economic sociologist who studies wealth inequality (particularly in the United States) and organizations (particularly in China). Both research agendas explore the emergence of social structure and the subsequent effect of social structure on the behaviors of actors. Some of my recent work has explored the one percent of wealth owners, religion and inequality, immigrant wealth ownership, Chinese American attainment, and business networks in China. My work on wealth includes research into the growing concentration of wealth and the factors that affect wealth accumulation over the life course. For example, I have studied the role that contemporary work arrangements, religious affiliation, and immigration play in shaping wealth ownership and other SES outcomes. I also study business networks, including relations among firms in China and how these shape firm performance, survival, and structure. 

Selected Publications/Recent Research:

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

    2014     The One Percent Lisa A. Keister. Annual Review of Sociology ,2014.

    2014     The One Percent: Wealth and Income Concentration Lisa A. Keister and Hang Young Lee. Sociological Currents ,2014.

    2014     Religion and Inequality Lisa A. Keister and Darren E. Sherkat, editors. Cambridge University Press

    2012     Market Transition: An Assessment of the State of the Field Lisa A. Keister and E. Paige Borelli. Sociological Perspectives , Vol. 55,2012. , 267-94

    2008     Faith and Money: How Religious Belief Contributes to Wealth and Poverty Lisa A. Keister. ,2011. Cambridge University Press

    2011     Religion and Attainment Lisa A. Keister. Sociological Focus , Vol. 44,2011. , 354-83

    2005     Getting Rich: America’s New Rich and How They Got That Way Lisa A. Keister. ,2005. Cambridge University Press

    2010     Business Groups in China Lisa A. Keister. American Behavioral Scientist ,2010.

    2009     Organizations and Management in China Lisa A. Keister and Yanlong Zhang. Academy of Management Annals


Course Descriptions:

    Duke University. Spring & Fall 2012
  • Organizations and Global Competitiveness(SOC 142) Syllabus

  • Globalization and Development(Soc 730S-03) Syllabus


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