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Nan Lin, Oscar L. Tang Family Professor Emeritus

Nan Lin


Short Description of Research Approach:

Nan Lin
Oscar L. Tang Family Professor Emeritus

Office Info

Office: 266 Soc-Psych, Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 660-5610
Email Address:   send me a message
Fax: (919) 660-5623
Office hrs:

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Curriculum Vita
Personal Web Page
I teach Cybernetworks (Soc. 114), Methods of Social Research (SOC 132), Social Capital (Soc. 228), and Stress and Coping (Soc. 227)and others.

Areas of Interest:

Social networks and social capital,
Mental Health,
My main research interests are social networks and social capital, the life stress process (especially social support as resources), social stratification and mobility, and Chinese societies. 

Selected Publications/Recent Research:

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

    2007     Social Capital: Advances in Research (Tentative title) Lin, Nan; Erickson, Bonnie. ,2007. Oxford: Oxford University Press

    2007     Social Capital and the Labor Market: Transforming Urban China Lin, Nan. ,2007. NY: Cambridge University Press

    2006     Social Capital: Critical Concepts in Social Sciences. 4 volumes. Nan Lin, editor. ,forthcoming. Routledge

    2006     Contexts of Social Capital: Social Networks in Communities, Markets and Organizations Raymay Hsung, Nan Lin, and Ron Breiger, editors. ,forthcoming. Routledge

    2005     “Social Capital,” edited by Jens Beckert and Milan Zagiroski. ,2005. Rutlege Ltd


Course Descriptions:

    Duke University. Spring & Fall 2012
  • Organizations and Global Competitiveness(SOC 142) Syllabus

  • Globalization and Development(Soc 730S-03) Syllabus


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