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Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Professor

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva


Short Description of Research Approach:

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

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Office: Sociology
Phone: (919) 660-5607
Email Address:   send me a message
Fax: 919-660-5623
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Areas of Interest:

Racial Stratification,
Social Theory,
Critical Race Methods,
Political Sociology, Latinos,
Latin America and the Caribbean,
and Epistemology
I am trained in class analysis, political sociology, and sociology of development (globalization). However, my work in the last 20 years has been in the area of race. I have published on racial theory, race and methodology, color-blind racism, the idea that race stratification in the USA is becoming Latin America-like, racial grammar, HWCUs, race and human rights, race and citizenship, whiteness, and the Obama phenomenon among other things. In all my work, I contend that racism is fundamentally about "racial domination," hence, racism is a collective and structural phenomenon in society (see my 1997 ASR on this matter). 

Selected Publications/Recent Research:

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

    2013     Racism without Racists (4th Edition) E Bonilla-Silva. manual Rowman & Littlefield Publishers , 384 pages

    2013     White Out: The Continuing Significance of Racism AW Doane and E Bonilla-Silva. manual Routledge , 344 pages

    2013     The End of Racism? Colorblind-Racism and Popular Media in Post-Civil Rights America E Bonilla-Silva and A Ashe. manual S Nilsen and SE Turner. ,2013. NYU Press , 57-82

    2012     Are the Americas ‘Sick with Racism’ or is it a Problem at the Poles? A Reply to Christina A. Sue E Bonilla-Silva. manual M Bulmer and J Solomos. ,2012. Rouledge

    2012     The Invisisble Weight of Whiteness: The Racial Grammar of Everyday Life in America E Bonilla-Silva. Ethnic and Racial Studies , Vol. 34, No. 12,Accepted, 2012.


Course Descriptions:

    Duke University. Spring & Fall 2012
  • Organizations and Global Competitiveness(SOC 142) Syllabus

  • Globalization and Development(Soc 730S-03) Syllabus


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