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Amber C Carr, Lecturing Fellow

Contact Info:
Office Location:  Art Building
Office Phone: (919) 660-4368
E-mail Address:  send me a message


  • Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2013

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  • Carr, AC; Piunova, VA; Maarof, H; Rice, JE; Swope, WC. "Influence of Solvent on the Drug-Loading Process of Amphiphilic Nanogel Star Polymers." Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122.21 (May, 2018): 5356-5367. [doi]
  • Wei, G; Prabhu, VM; Piunova, VA; Carr, AC; Swope, WC; Miller, RD. "Spatial Distribution of Hydrophobic Drugs in Model Nanogel-Core Star Polymers." Macromolecules 50.24 (December, 2017): 9702-9712. [doi]
  • Carr, AC; Felberg, LE; Piunova, VA; Rice, JE; Head-Gordon, T; Swope, WC. "Effect of Hydrophobic Core Topology and Composition on the Structure and Kinetics of Star Polymers: A Molecular Dynamics Study." Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121.13 (April, 2017): 2902-2918. [doi]
  • Swope, WC; Rice, JE; Piunova, VA; Carr, AC; Miller, RD; Sly, J. "Simulation and Experiments To Identify Factors Allowing Synthetic Control of Structural Features of Polymeric Nanoparticles." Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120.30 (August, 2016): 7546-7568. [doi]
  • Miller, RD; Yusoff, RM; Swope, WC; Rice, JE; Carr, AC; Parker, AJ; Sly, J; Appel, EA; Nguyen, T; Piunova, V. "Water soluble, biodegradable amphiphilic polymeric nanoparticles and the molecular environment of hydrophobic encapsulates: Consistency between simulation and experiment." Polymer 79 (November, 2015): 255-261. [doi]

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