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Publications [#304036] of Cary Moskovitz


  1. Moskovitz, C. "Self-Plagiarism, Text Recycling and Science Education."  American Institute of Biological Sciences, January, 2016: 5-6. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/07/07)

    Academicians generally consider it unethical to reuse text from published work without explicit attribution. However, in practice, the conventions and ethics associated with reusing text vary considerably across academic domains and genres. Although it may be anathema in the humanities, certain types of reuse are both common and acceptable in contemporary scientific discourse. The boundaries of acceptable practice are complex, however, so there is a strong temptation to ignore the topic in educational settings. Because the fallout from innocent errors can be damaging, scientists must assume responsibility for determining what constitutes acceptable reuse in their domain and for instructing future scientists in these practices.

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