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Publications [#285220] of Julie Reynolds

Book Chapters

  1. Ye, J; Reynolds, JF; Reynolds, JA; Herrick, JE; Wu, J; Chuluun, T; Li, F-M; Long, R. "New Ecology Education: Preparing Students for the Complex Human- Environmental Problems of Dryland East Asia." Dryland East Asia (DEA): Land Dynamics Amid Social And Climate Change. Edited by Chen, J; Wan, S; Henebry, G; Qi, J; Gutman, G; Sun, G; Kappas, M. WALTER DE GRUYTER 2013: 470 pages.
    (last updated on 2022/07/01)

    The book provides state-of-the-art knowledge on drylands ecosystem dynamics, climate changes, and land use in DEA. With contributions from international experts, the book will be of interest both to researchers and students.

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