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Publications [#335044] of Jessica Corey

Journal Articles

  1. Corey, JR. "'My Sister Went to Steubenville, OH and All I Got Was this Lousy Shirt': Composing Feminist Activism with The Clothesline Project." Gender Forum: an Internet Journal of Gender Studies 50 (2014): 4-25.
    (last updated on 2019/11/20)

    This research extends the prevailing notion that “the personal is political,” and demonstrateshow activists balance personal investment in social change with public arguments that mayinfluence such change. Additionally, this work accounts for how the researcher’s ownexperiences of trauma mediate research. Finally, it shows how paradoxes like ‘“silencespeaks’” allow for subversive communication in material, visual, textual, ‘“spoken’” and‘“unspoken’” forms. More specifically, these dynamics are examined in the context of theinternational activist event, The Clothesline Project, which invites survivors of sexualviolence (and those remembering victims) to communicate their experiences via text andillustrations on tee shirts that are then hung on a clothesline in a public space. In doing so, theProject addresses politics surrounding violence against women, especially on collegecampuses.

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