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Publications of Mara C. Kaufman    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Journal Articles

  1. Kaufman, M. "A Politics of Encounter: Knowledge and Organizing in Common." American Quarterly 64.4 (2012): 823-826. [repository], [doi]
  2. Reyes, A; Kaufman, M. "Sovereignty, Indigeneity, Territory: Zapatista Autonomy and the New Practices of Decolonization." SAQ: The South Atlantic Quarterly 110.2 (April, 2011): 505-525. [repository], [doi]
  3. Kaufman, M. "For a Hacker's Perspective on the Social Forums." Interactivist Info Exchange  (February, 2005).

Chapters in Books

  1. Reyes, AR; Kaufman, MK. "Autonomy and the New Practices of Decolonization." The Anomie of the Earth Philosophy, Politics, and Autonomy in Europe and the Americas. Edited by Luisetti, FL; Pickles, JP; Kaiser, WK. Duke University Press April, 2015.  [abs]

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