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Beckwith, Sarah
Katherine Everett Gilbert Professor of English and Professor of Theater Studies and Professor of Religion and Bass Fellow of English  
302A   (919) 660-3342, (919) 684-2741  
Bell, Neal C.
Professor of the Practice and English  
03G Page, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 660-3380  
Bend, Torry
Associate Professor of the Practice and Chair  
109K Page, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 660-3365  
Berberian, David
Scene Shop Supervisor  
023 Bryan Center    
Bunn, Cynthia P
Business Manager  
109F Page Auditorium   (919) 660-3342  
Catotti, Charles G
Director, Event Management and Instructor  
2020 Campus Drive    
Clum, John M.
Professor Emeritus    
DeFrantz, Thomas
Professor of African and African American Studies and Theater Studies and Professor in the Program of Dance and Professor of Women's Studies  
1316 Campus Dr, Rm 243C, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 668-1929  
Edenfield, Margaret
Associate Director, Ticketing & Theater Operation  
104 Bryan University Center   919 660 1726  
Ellison, Daniel M.
Lecturing Fellow  
2516   (919) 491-4625  
Finucci, Valeria
Professor of Romance Studies and Theater Studies  
219E Language Center, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 660-3119, (919) 660-3100  
Hartsell-Gundy, Arianne
Assoc Librarian of Theater Studies and Duke University Libraries  
233G Perkins Library   (919) 660-5881  
Hemphill, Ellen
Professor of the Practice  
03F Page, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 660-3343, (919) 660-3384  
Kless, Richard F
Assistant Manager, Theater Operation  
112 Bryan Center    
Kolba, John A
Theater Operations Staff    
Lee, Esther K.
Professor   (919) 660-3343  
Marks, Kristen D
Lecturing Fellow of Theater  
109 Page, Durham, NC 27708    
McAuliffe, Jody
Professor of the Practice and Professor of Practice of Slavic Language and Literature  
109D Page, Professor Of The Practice, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 660-3363  
O'berski, Jaybird
Assistant Professor of the Practice  
03C Page, Durham, NC 27708    
Odendahl-James, Jules
Dir, Acad Engagement for Acad Discipline  
Room 118, Academic Advising Center, Dukeuniversity, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 681-8707  
Riddell, Richard V.
Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Professor of the Practice  
Allen Building, Room 217, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 684-2641  
Rogers, Bradley
Assistant Professor of Theater Studies and English  
109H Page Auditorium   (919) 660-3350  
Shipman, Dierdre A
Director of Theater & Communication  
109B Page Auditorium   (919) 660-3345  
Storer, Jeff M.
Professor of the Practice  
109 Page, Box 90680, Durham, NC 27708   (919) 660-3360  
Thimke, Rachel V
Staff Assistant   (919) 660-3346  

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