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Publications [#295464] of Bruce S. Hall

Journal Articles

  1. with Lecocq, B; Mann, G; Whitehouse, B; Badi, D; Pelckmans, L; Belalimat, N; Hall, B; Lacher, W, One hippopotamus and eight blind analysts: a multivocal analysis of the 2012 political crisis in the divided Republic of Mali, Review of African Political Economy, vol. 40 no. 137 (September, 2013), pp. 343-357 [doi]
    (last updated on 2017/12/17)

    Author's Comments:
    This is a collective article that gathered together eight scholars of Mali to try to shed light on fast-moving current events in Mali.

    This is an exercise in contemporary history that aims to give a comprehensive background and analysis to the 2012 political crisis in Mali, generated by the start of a new Tuareg nationalist uprising against the state, complemented by a coordinated attack on the state by both international (AQIM) and local Jihadi–Salafi movements, leading to a coup d’état against the incumbent President Touré, and finally a political stalemate of great concern to the international community.

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