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Research Interests for Jehangir Malegam

Research Interests: Central and High Middle Ages, Peacemaking, Representations of Conflict and Community

My first book focused on clerical self-fashioning and lay-clerical relationships between the eleventh and the thirteenth centuries as seen through the discourse around peace-making and conflict. My new research concerns the history of personhood, con-sociation and alienation during a period of nascent state formation and evangelical outreach in England, France and the Empire (1000-1250). It is informed by the anthropology John and Jean Comaroff, the political philosophy of Giorgio Agamben, and the sociology of Pierre Bourdieu.

Anthropology, Community, Emotions, Outlawry, Peace, Personhood, Violence
Current projects:
I am completing a programmatic journal article that proposes a new approach to the history of emotions in the Middle Ages.
A chapter on the papal reform will appear in the Handbook of Medieval Papalism (Brill, 2015)
I am contributing an article on violence and the state to an edited collection of essay on violence
I am contributing an entry on "public emotions" to an edited collection (part of a series) on medieval emotions
Areas of Interest:

History of Emotions
Urban Communes
Overlaps of Lay and Clerical communitarian ideas
Sacraments, Pacts and Friendship in the Middle Ages
Conflict Resolution
Monarchism in England and France
Law in England and France

Recent Publications
  1. Malegam, J, Against the Silence: Twelfth-Century Augustinian Reformers Confront Apocalypse, in Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages, edited by Gabriele, M; Palmer, J (September, Accepted, 2018), pp. 205-220, ISBN 9781138684027
  2. Malegam, JY, Pro-Papacy polemic and the purity of the church: The gregorian reform, in A Companion to the Medieval Papacy, edited by Sisson, K; Larson, A, vol. 70 (January, Accepted, 2016), pp. 37-65, Brill, ISBN 9789004299856 [doi]
  3. Malegam, J, The Gregorian Reform, in Handbook of Medieval Papalism, edited by Sisson, K (Accepted, 2015 (expected publication date)), BRILL [abs]
  4. Malegam, J, Review: Doležalová, Lucie, Jeff Rider, and Alessandro Zironi, eds. Obscurity in Medieval Texts. Medium Aevum Quotidianum, 30. Krems, Austria: Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der materiallen Kultur des Mittelalters, 2013, edited by Delyannis, D, The Medieval Review (May, 2015)
  5. Malegam, JY, Suspicions of peace in medieval christian discourse, Common Knowledge, vol. 21 no. 2 (April, 2015), pp. 236-252, Duke University Press, ISSN 0961-754X [doi]

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