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Publications of Joseph Shatzmiller    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Justice et injustice au moyen age: la demission de l'archereque d'Aix en 1318 (2000), The French School in Rome

Papers Published

  1. with Azar, H; Mcvaugh, M; Joseph Shatzmiller, , Kon Zuhr (Avenzoar)'s Description of a verrucous Malignancy of the colon, Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, vol. 19 (2002), pp. 1-10 (with English translation from the Arabic and notes on its Hebrew and Latin version.)
  2. Joseph Shatzmiller, , Jacob ben Elie, traducateur multilingue a Venise a la fin du. Xiii e siecle, Micrologus, vol. 9 (2001), pp. 195-202
  3. Joseph Shatzmiller, , Counterfeit of Coinage in England of the 13th Century and the Way it was remembered in Medieval Provence, XXVI Semana de Estudios Medievales, Pamplona (2000), pp. 387-397

Papers Submitted

  1. Les 'Miquevaot' juives au Moyen Age, in Medievales (2003)
  2. Joseph Shatzmiller, , Community and Super Community in Medieval Europe, The Jews of Medieval Europe, Trier (2003)
  3. Joseph Shatzmiller, , Responsabilite et irresponsabilite medicale au moyen-age, Collogue de Salerne (2002)
  4. Public Finances According to Hebrew Documents of the Middles Ages, in L'Impot dans les villes de ;'OCcident mediterraneen, XIII-XV siecle (2001), Paris

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