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Research Interests for Kristen Neuschel

Research Interests:

Dr. Neuschel concentrates on late medieval and early modern France and Europe. Her current research focuses on war and culture in northern Europe between 1400 and 1600. She teaches courses in the history of war, of gender relations and surveys of the history of medieval and early modern Europe.

Recent Publications
  1. Neuschel, K, Martyrs and Murderers:The Guise Family and the Making of Europe, H France, vol. 11 no. 124 (2012)
  2. Neuschel, K; Noble, T; Strauss, B; Osheim, D; Accampo, E, Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries (2012)
  3. Neuschel, KB, Teaching and the "telescoping" of history, French Historical Studies, vol. 34 no. 1 (December, 2011), pp. 47-55, Duke University Press [doi]
  4. Benedict, P; Bryant, LM; Neuschel, KB, Graphic history: What readers knew and were taught in the Quarante tableaux of Perrissin and Tortorel, French Historical Studies, vol. 28 no. 1 (January, 2005), pp. 175-228 [doi]
  5. Neuschel K,, Western Civilization: The Continuing Experiment, Fourth Edition (2004), Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. (with Thomas F.X. Noble et al..)

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