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Publications [#340846] of Henry Petroski

Papers Published

  1. Petroski, HJ; Glazik, JL; Achenbach, JD, STRESS-INTENSITY FACTORS FOR IRRADIATION-EMBRITTLED HEXAGONAL SUBASSEMBLY DUCTS., Struct Anal of React Fuel Elem, vol. D (January, 2017)
    (last updated on 2021/10/17)

    Plane strain stress intensity factors for corner-cracked hexcans 116 mm across flats and with 3 mm walls have been determined and corroborated by several independent techniques. These results are expected to be applicable to LMFBR hexcans irradiated to high fluences whose ductility and fracture toughness have been reduced and whose yield strength has been increased to such levels that linear elastic fracture mechanics applies. Generally speaking, these material properties must be altered to an extent that the plastic zone size is considerably smaller than the hexcan wall thickness.

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