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Publications of Trudi Abel    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Articles Published

  1. Abel, T, Needles and Penury in 19th Century London: The Diary of a Poor Quaker Seamstress, Quaker History, vol. 75 no. 2 (1986), pp. 102-114, Friends Historical Association


  1. T.J. Abel, The Digital Durham Project: Creating Community through History, Technology, and Service Learning, Perspectives on History (May, 2009) [cfm]  [abs]
  2. T.J. Abel, "The Power and the Poverty of Written Records: Constructing an Authentic Research Experience for Undergraduates (Winter, 2000) (http://magazine.lib.duke.edu/issue2/libmag0200.swf.) [swf]
  3. T.J. Abel, Students as Historians: Lessons from an `Interactive' Census Database Project (March, 1997) [CFM]

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