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History Grad: Research Interests


  1. Tom J. J. Cinq-Mars, I am currently interested in questions of Soviet economic development ...
  2. Joshua H. Clough, My research currently focuses on the political networks, theoretical dialogs, ...
  3. Mandy L. Cooper, My research interests focus on the intersections of gender and ...
  4. Jonathon M. Free, Labor & Working-Class History, Environmental History, History of Capitalism, History of Science & Technology, Regulation
  5. Caroline A. Garriott, Visual Culture, African Diaspora, Race, Politics, the Andes
  6. Emily H Margolis, Women, Law, Property, and Violence in the American South from the Post-Revolutionary Era to the Mid-Nineteenth Century
  7. David Romine, My research currently focuses on Communist authors and intellectuals in ...
  8. Andrew V Ruoss, Business History, Legal History, History of Corporate Management and Regulation
  9. Farren E. Yero, I'm a first year student with a background in Latin ...
  10. Ashley Rose Young, 19th Century Culinary History of the United States and Atlantic World

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