Publications [#342528] of Mattia Begali


  1. Hansen, D; Milewicz, L; Mangiafico, P; Shaw, W; Begali, M; McGurrin, V, A Framework for Library Support of Expansive Digital Publishing, in A Framework for Library Support of Expansive Digital Publishing (December, 2018), Duke University Libraries [doi]
    (last updated on 2020/01/19)

    This report offers a framework for how libraries can begin to embrace their role in the maturing space of digital humanities publishing, particularly as they seek to support what we call “expansive digital publishing” — challenging digital publications that can span disciplinary and institutional boundaries; use many different technologies; have multiple scholarly outputs; grow over time; operate over the long-term or are multi-phase; aim to engage with multiple audiences; and, in general, use digital tools and methods to explore or enable scholarship that would be more difficult to achieve through traditional publishing.