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Applied Math : Research Interests


  1. William K. Allard, Scientific computing, particularly distributed computing; differential geometry; geometric measure theory; partial differential equations.
  2. J. Thomas Beale, Partial Differential Equations and Fluid Mechanics
  3. John Harer, Computational Topology, Computational Geometry, Computational Biology, Algorithms
  4. Mauro Maggioni, Harmonic analysis, with applications to statistical analysis of high-dimensional data, machine learning, imaging.
  5. Jonathan C. Mattingly, Applied mathematics, Probability, Ergodic Theory, Stochastic partial differential equations, Stochastic dynamical systems, Stochastic Numerical methods, Fluids
  6. Arlie O. Petters, ...
  7. David G. Schaeffer, Applied Mathematics, especially Partial Differential Equations
  8. Stephanos Venakides, Integrable systems, Wave motion in complex media, Mathematical biology
  9. Thomas P. Witelski, Fluid Dynamics, Perturbation Methods, Asymptotic Analysis, Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial differential equations

Duke University * Arts & Sciences * Mathematics * November 20, 2018

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