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Gabriel G. Katul, Professor of Hydrology and Micrometeorology and Director of Graduate Studies, ESP Division

Gabriel G. Katul

Micrometeorology and surface hydrology with emphasis on carbon and water cycling. Katul is a recipient of the Macelwane Award and is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union. He is an associate editor for Water Resources Research, Advances in Water Resources, and Boundary Layer Meteorology .

Contact Info:
Office Location:  A318 LSRC
Office Phone:  (919) 613-8033
Email Address: send me a message

Teaching (Fall 2015):

  • CEE 690.13, ADVANCED TOPICS IN CEE Synopsis
    Hudson 139, TuTh 10:05 AM-11:20 AM
    (also cross-listed as ENVIRON 590.06)
    Env Hall 1101, MWF 12:00 PM-12:50 PM
    Env Hall 1101, W 01:25 PM-03:00 PM

PhDUniversity of California at Davis1993
MSOregon State University1990
BEAmerican University of Beirut, Lebanon1988

atmospheric science
Atmospheric Science
terrestrial ecosystems
soil science
Research Interests: Micrometeorology and surface hydrology. Carbon and water cycling. Environmental fluid dynamics.

Curriculum Vitae
Postdocs Mentored

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Katul, Gabriel G. and Porporato, Amilcare and Nikora, Vladimir, Existence of k-1 power-law scaling in the equilibrium regions of wall-bounded turbulence explained by Heisenberg's eddy viscosity, Physical Review E, vol. 86 no. 6, Part 2 (December, 2012), ISSN 1539-3755 [doi]
  2. Cava, D. and Katul, G. G., On the scaling laws of the velocity-scalar cospectra in the canopy sublayer above tall forests, BOUNDARY-LAYER METEOROLOGY, vol. 145 no. 2 (November, 2012), pp. 351-367, ISSN 0006-8314 [doi]
  3. Li, Dan and Katul, Gabriel G. and Bou-Zeid, Elie, Mean velocity and temperature profiles in a sheared diabatic turbulent boundary layer, PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, vol. 24 no. 10 (October, 2012), ISSN 1070-6631 [doi]
  4. Manes, C. and Ridolfi, L. and Katul, G., A phenomenological model to describe turbulent friction in permeable-wall flows, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, vol. 39 (July, 2012), ISSN 0094-8276 [doi]
  5. Katul, Gabriel G. and Oren, Ram and Manzoni, Stefano and Higgins, Chad and Parlange, Marc B., Evapotranspiration: A process driving mass transport and energy exchange in the soil-plant-atmosphere-climate system, REVIEWS OF GEOPHYSICS, vol. 50 (July, 2012), ISSN 8755-1209 [doi]
  6. Detto, Matteo and Molini, Annalisa and Katul, Gabriel and Stoy, Paul and Palmroth, Sari and Baldocchi, Dennis, Causality and Persistence in Ecological Systems: A Nonparametric Spectral Granger Causality Approach, AMERICAN NATURALIST, vol. 179 no. 4 (April, 2012), pp. 524-535, ISSN 0003-0147 [doi]
  7. Katul, G. and Konings, A. and Porporato, A., Mean velocity profile in a sheared and thermally stratified atmospheric boundary layer, Physical Review Letter, vol. 107 (2011), pp. 26850