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Alan E. Gelfand, James B. Duke Emeritus Professor of Statistical Science and Professor Emeritus of Statistical Science and Professor in the Division of Environmental Sciences and Policy


Alan E. Gelfand

Contact Info:
Office Location:  223A Old Chem Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 668-5229
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Teaching (Fall 2018):

  • STA 944.01, SPATIAL STATISTICS Synopsis
    Old Chem 025, WF 11:45 AM-02:40 PM


Ph.D.Stanford University1969
M.S.Stanford University1967
B.S.City College of New York1965


Bayesian Statistics

Research Interests: Bayesian Models, Spatial Data Analysis, and Nonparametric Bayesian Methods


Adolescent • Adult • African Americans • Age Factors • Algorithms • Animals • Arsenic • Bayes Theorem • Biogeography • Biometry • Birth Certificates • Birth Order • Birth Weight • Cluster Analysis • Computer Simulation • Continental Population Groups • Cross-Sectional Studies • Data Collection • Data Interpretation, Statistical • Databases, Factual • Ecology • Ecosystem • Education • Environmental Monitoring • Ethnic Groups • European Continental Ancestry Group • Exotic plants • Female • Forecasting • Forestry • Fresh Water • Gaussian processes • Geographic Information Systems • Gestational Age • Health Status Disparities • Hispanic Americans • Humans • Hypertension • Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced • Infant Mortality • Infant, Low Birth Weight • Infant, Newborn • Infant, Small for Gestational Age • Inference • Likelihood Functions • Linear Models • Logistic Models • Male • Marital Status • Markov Chains • Maternal Age • Maternal Exposure • Models, Biological • Models, Chemical • Models, Statistical • Models, Theoretical • Monte Carlo Method • Mothers • Multivariate Analysis • North Carolina • Odds Ratio • Particulate Matter • Plant Transpiration • Plants • Poisson Distribution • Population • Poverty • Pregnancy • Pregnancy Complications, Cardiovascular • Pregnancy Outcome • Premature Birth • Racism • Regression Analysis • Residence Characteristics • Risk Assessment • Risk Factors • Seedling • Smoking • Statistical Distributions • Time Factors • Trees • Vernalization • Young Adult

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