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Publications [#243617] of Anita T. Layton

Papers Published

  1. Layton, AT, Mathematical modeling of urea transport in the kidney., in Urea Transporters, edited by Baoxue Yang, Sub Cellular Biochemistry, vol. 73 (2014), pp. 31-43, Springer, ISSN 0306-0225 [doi]
    (last updated on 2018/11/13)

    Mathematical modeling techniques have been useful in providing insights into biological systems, including the kidney. This article considers some of the mathematical models that concern urea transport in the kidney. Modeling simulations have been conducted to investigate, in the context of urea cycling and urine concentration, the effects of hypothetical active urea secretion into pars recta. Simulation results suggest that active urea secretion induces a "urea-selective" improvement in urine concentrating ability. Mathematical models have also been built to study the implications of the highly structured organization of tubules and vessels in the renal medulla on urea sequestration and cycling. The goal of this article is to show how physiological problems can be formulated and studied mathematically, and how such models may provide insights into renal functions.
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