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Publications [#314508] of Amanda Randles

Papers Published

  1. Randles, A; Draeger, EW; Bailey, PE, Massively parallel simulations of hemodynamics in the primary large arteries of the human vasculature, Journal of Computational Science, vol. 9 (July, 2015), pp. 70-75, Elsevier BV, ISSN 1877-7503 [doi]
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    © 2015. We present a computational model of three-dimensional and unsteady hemodynamics within the primary large arteries in the human on 1,572,864 cores of the IBM Blue Gene/Q. Models of large regions of the circulatory system are needed to study the impact of local factors on global hemodynamics and to inform next generation drug delivery mechanisms. The HARVEY code successfully addresses key challenges that can hinder effective solution of image-based hemodynamics on contemporary supercomputers, such as limited memory capacity and bandwidth, flexible load balancing, and scalability. This work is the first demonstration of large fluid dynamics simulations of the aortofemoral region of the circulatory system at resolutions as small as 10. μm.
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