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Former Ph.D. Students of J. Thomas Beale

  • Pruitt, Michael (August, 2011)
    Maximum norm regularity of implicit difference methods for parabolic equations
  • Wilson, Jason R. (August, 2010)
    On computing smooth, singular, and nearly singular integrals on implicitly defined surfaces
  • Surles, Matthew W. (August, 2008)
    Numerical Approximation of Layer Potentials along Curve Segments
  • Nicholas, Michael (August, 2007)
    A third order numerical method for 3D doubly periodic electromagnetic scattering problems
  • David Ambrose (2002)
    Well-posedness of Vortex Sheets with Surface Tension
  • Henry Suters, Ph.D. (1994)
    A Numerical Study of the Instability of Vortex Rings with Swirl
  • Andrew Ferrari, Ph.D. (1992)
    On the Blow-up of the 3-D Euler Equations in a Bounded Domain
  • Alfred Bourgeois, Ph.D. (1991)
    Validity of the Quasigeostrophic Model for Large-Scale Flow in the Atmosphere and Ocean
  • Tien-Yu Sun, Ph.D. (1991)
    A Class of Three Dimensional Steady Water Waves Generated by Localized Pressure Disturbances
  • Donna Gates Sylvester, Ph.D. (1988)
    Large Time Existence of Small Viscous Surface Waves in a Three Dimensional Ocean without Surface Tension
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