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Publications of Robert Bryant    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:



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Papers Published

  1. RL Bryant, Non-Embedding and Non-Extension Results in Special Holonomy, in The many facets of geometry, edited by Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Simon Salamon, and Oscar Garcia Prada, The Many Facets of Geometry: A Tribute to Nigel Hitchin (Fall, 2010), pp. 346--367, Oxford University Press, Oxford [MR2681703], [doi]  [abs]
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Papers Accepted

  1. with Michael G. Eastwood, A. Rod. Gover, Katharina Neusser, Some differential complexes within and beyond parabolic geometry (December, 2011) [arXiv:1112.2142v2]  [abs] [author's comments]


  1. R. Bryant, On the convex Pfaff-Darboux Theorem of Ekeland and Nirenberg (December 22, 2015) [arXiv:1512.07100]  [abs]
  2. R. Bryant, On the conformal volume of 2-tori (July 6, 2015) [arXiv:1507.01485]  [abs]
  3. R.L. Bryant, Notes on Exterior Differential Systems (May, 2014) [arXiv:1405.3116]  [abs] [author's comments]
  4. R.L. Bryant, S.-s. Chern's study of almost-complex structures on the six-sphere (May, 2014) [arXiv:1405.3405]  [abs]
  5. R.L. Bryant and Feng Xu, Laplacian flow for closed G2-structures: short time behavior (January, 2011) [arXiv:1101.2004]  [abs]
  6. R.L. Bryant, Real hypersurfaces in unimodular complex surfaces (July 27, 2004) [math.DG/0407472]  [abs]
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