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Publications of Gregory Pearlstein    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


Papers Published

  1. with J. Fernandez, Opposite Filtrations, Variations of Hodge Structure and Frobenius Modules, in Aspects of Mathematics, vol. E 36 (2004)
  2. with A. Kaplan, Singularities of variations of mixed Hodge structure, Asian Journal of Mathematics, vol. 7 (2003)
  3. G. Pearlstein, On the asymptotic behavior of admissible variations of mixed Hodge structure, in Algebraic Geometry in East Asia (2002)
  4. Degenerations of mixed Hodge structure, Duke Math Journal, vol. 110 (2001)
  5. Variations of mixed Hodge structure, Higgs fields and Quantum Cohomology, Manuscipta Math., vol. 102 (2000)

Papers Accepted

  1. SL_2 orbits and degenerations of mixed Hodge structure, Journal of Differential Geometry (August, 2005)


  1. with P. Brosnan, On the asymptotic behavior of the archimedean height (May, 2005)
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