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Publications [#243789] of Mauro Maggioni

Papers Published

  1. Cassidy, RJ; Berger, J; Lee, K; Maggioni, M; Coifman, RR, Analysis of hyperspectral colon tissue images using vocal synthesis models, Conference Record Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, vol. 2 (December, 2004), pp. 1611-1615, ISSN 1058-6393
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    In prior work, we examined the possibility of sound generation from colon tissue scan data using vocal synthesis models. In this work, we review key results and present extensions to the prior work. Sonification entails the mapping of data values to sound synthesis parameters such that informative sounds are produced by the chosen sound synthesis model. We review the physical equations and technical highlights of a vocal synthesis model developed by Cook. Next we present the colon tissue scan data gathered, and discuss processing steps applied to the data. Finally, we review preliminary results from a simple sonification map. New findings regarding perceptual distance of vowel sounds are presented1,2. ©2004 IEEE.
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