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Research Interests for James H. Nolen

Research Interests: Partial differential equations, stochastic processes, random media, applied mathematics, asymptotic analysis

I study partial differential equations, which have been used to model many phenomena in the natural sciences and engineering. In many cases, the parameters for such equations are known only approximately, or they may have fluctuations that are best described statistically. So, I am especially interested in equations modeling random phenomena and whether one can describe the statistical properties of the solution to these equations. For example, I have worked on nonlinear partial differential equations that describe waves and moving interfaces in random media. This work involves ideas from both analysis and probability.

Areas of Interest:

partial differential equations
stochastic processes
asymptotic analysis
homogenization theory
front propagation
reaction-diffusion equations

Representative Publications
  1. J. Lu and J. Nolen, Reactive trajectories and the transition path process., Probability Theory and Related Fields (January, 2014) [1744], [doi]
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