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Publications [#248064] of M. Ronen Plesser

Papers Published

  1. Bertolini, M; Melnikov, IV; Plesser, MR, Accidents in (0,2) Landau-Ginzburg theories, Journal of High Energy Physics, vol. 2014 no. 12 (January, 2014), Springer Nature [4266], [doi]
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    © 2014, The Author(s). Abstract: We study the role of accidental symmetries in two-dimensional (0,2) superconformal field theories obtained by RG flow from (0,2) Landau-Ginzburg theories. These accidental symmetries are ubiquitous, and, unlike in the case of (2,2) theories, their identification is key to correctly identifying the IR fixed point and its properties. We develop a number of tools that help to identify such accidental symmetries in the context of (0,2) Landau-Ginzburg models and provide a conjecture for a toric structure of the SCFT moduli space in a large class of models. We also give a self-contained discussion of aspects of (0,2) conformal perturbation theory.
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