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Publications [#248086] of M. Ronen Plesser

Papers Published

  1. Moore, G; Ronen Plesser, M; Ramgoolam, S, Exact S-matrix for two-dimensional string theory, Nuclear Physics B, vol. 377 no. 1-2 (June, 1992), pp. 143-190, Elsevier BV [9111035], [doi]
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    We formulate simple graphical rules which allow explicit calculation of nonperturbative c = 1 S-matrices. This allows us to investigate the constraint of nonperturbative unitarity, which indeed rules out some theories. Nevertheless, we show that there is an infinite parameter family of nonperturbatively unitary c = 1 S-matrices. We investigate the dependence of the S-matrix on one of these nonperturbative parameters. In particular, we study the analytic structure, background dependence and high-energy behavior of some nonperturbative c = 1 S-matrices. The scattering amplitudes display interesting resonant behavior both at high energies and in the complex energy plane. © 1992.
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