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Publications [#248089] of M. Ronen Plesser

Papers Published

  1. Argyres, PC; Plesser, MR; Seiberg, N, The moduli space of vacua of N = 2 SUSY QCD and duality in N = 1 SUSY QCD, Nuclear Physics B, vol. 471 no. 1-2 (July, 1996), pp. 159-194, Elsevier BV [9603042], [doi]
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    We analyze in detail the moduli space of vacua of N = 2 SUSY QCD with nc colors and nf flavors. The Coulomb branch has submanifolds with non-Abelian gauge symmetry. The massless quarks and gluons at these vacua are smoothly connected to the underlying elementary quarks and gluons. Upon breaking N = 2 by an N = 1 preserving mass term for the adjoint field the theory flows to N = 1 SUSY QCD. Some of the massless quarks and gluons on the moduli space of the N = 2 theory become the magnetic quarks and gluons of the N = 1 theory. In this way we derive the duality m N = 1 SUSY QCD by identifying its crucial building blocks - the magnetic degrees of freedom - using only semiclassical physics and the non-renormalization theorem.
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