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Publications of Rachel Levy    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Papers Published

  1. R. Levy with I. Ipsen, D. Finkel, C. Kuster, M. Lasater, and J. Reese, Communicating Applied Mathematics: Four Examples, SIAM Review, vol. 48 no. 2 (2006), pp. 359-389
  2. R. Levy and M. Shearer, “The Motion of a Thin Film Driven by Surfactant and Gravity”, SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, vol. 66 no. 5 (2006), pp. 1588-1609
  3. R. Levy and M. Shearer, Kinetics and Nucleation for Driven Thin Film Flow, Physica D, vol. 209 no. 1-4 (2005), pp. 145-163
  4. R. Levy and M. Shearer, Comparison of Two Dynamic Contact Line Models for Driven Thin Liquid Films, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, vol. 15 no. 6 (2004), pp. 625-642

Papers Accepted

  1. R. Levy, P. Taylor, M. Shearer, Automated Review of Prerequisite Material for Intermediate-level Undergraduate Mathematics, PRIMUS (2006)
  2. T. Witelski, M. Shearer and R. Levy, Growing Surfactant Waves in Thin Liquid Films Driven by Gravity, AMRX (2006)
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