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Publications [#235909] of Robert Calderbank

Papers Published

  1. Calderbank, R; Howard, SD; Moran, B, Waveform diversity in radar signal processing: A focus on the use and control of degrees of freedom, Ieee Signal Processing Magazine, vol. 26 no. 1 (January, 2009), pp. 32-41, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), ISSN 1053-5888 [doi]
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    Complementary waveforms developed by Golay are conceived to improve the sensitivity of far infrared spectrometry, which is similar to those developed by Tseng and Liu to analyze acoustic surface wave phenomena. In such a matrix, phase coded waveforms indexed by array element and by the pulse-repetition intervals are the basis of radar illumination. Their polarization of constituent waveforms also may vary. This thus make it possible to segregate and calibrate methods of controlling individual degrees of freedom before examining them in combination.
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