Publications [#335321] of Robert Calderbank

Papers Published

  1. Thompson, A; Calderbank, R, Sparse near-equiangular tight frames with applications in full duplex wireless communication, 2017 Ieee Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, Globalsip 2017 Proceedings, vol. 2018-January (March, 2018), pp. 868-872, IEEE, ISBN 9781509059904
    (last updated on 2019/07/18)

    © 2017 IEEE. We construct extremely sparse, near-equiangular tight frames which share the same row space as certain incomplete Delsarte-Goethals frames. Frames combining these properties have application in full duplex communication in ad-hoc wireless networks. We highlight their computational advantage over similar constructions of sparse equiangular tight frames: namely that their associated matrix-vector products can be implemented as a fast transform.