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Stephen P. Shipman, Visiting Assistant Professor

Stephen P. Shipman

Please note: Stephen has left the Mathematics department at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  133 Physics Bldg
Office Phone:  (919) 660-2816
Email Address: send me a message
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B. S. Mathematics (Magna cum Laude), University of Arizona, 1990 Ph. D. Mathematics, University of Arizona, 1997
Research Interests: Partial Differential Equations / Electromagnetics

Electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals. Singular limits of integrable systems, continuum limits, inverse spectral theory

Recent Publications

  1. Stephen P. Shipman, Stephanos Venakides, Electromagnetic Bound States, Resonances, and Transmission Anomalies in Photonic Crystal Slabs, Submitted to SIAM J. Appl. Math. [pdf]
  2. Stephen P. Shipman, The Spectral Transform in the Semiclassical Limit of a Finite Discrete NLS Chain, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, Vol. 162, Nos 1-2 (2002), 95-129 [physd]  [abs]
  3. M. Haider, S. Shipman, S. Venakides, Boundary Integral Calculations of Photonic Bandgaps and Resonances for 2-D Lattices with Circular Dielectrics, SIAM J. Appl. Math. (Accepted, 0) [pdf]  [abs]
  4. Stephen P. Shipman, WKB Analysis in the Semiclassical Limit of a Discrete NLS System, IMA Proceedings, 2000  [abs]
  5. Stephen P Shipman, Modulated Waves in a Semiclassical Continuum Limit of an Integrable NLS Chain, Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. LIII, No. 2 [ps]  [abs]
ph: 919.660.2800
fax: 919.660.2821

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