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Publications [#214515] of Alan R. Parry


  1. Alan R. Parry, A Survey of Spherically Symmetric Spacetimes (October 18, 2012) [arXiv:1210.5269]
    (last updated on 2013/03/05)

    We present several different ways of describing a spherically symmetric spacetime and the resulting metrics. We then focus our discussion on an especially useful form of the metric of a spherically symmetric spacetime in polar-areal coordinates and its properties. In particular, we show how the metric component functions chosen are extremely compatible with notions in Newtonian mechanics. We also show the monotonicity of the Hawking mass in these coordinates. Finally, we discuss how these coordinates and the metric can be used to solve the spherically symmetric Einstein-Klein-Gordon equations and how this will be useful in our future work.

    General Relativity • Spherical Symmetry • Einstein-Klein-Gordon Equations
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