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Mathematics Grad: Research Interests

Graduate Student

  1. Gavin F. Ball, Differential geometry, exterior differential systems
  2. Erin M. Beckman, Partial differential equations, Probability, Stochastic processes
  3. Michael M. Bell, Differential Geometry, Exterior Differential Systems, Holonomy, Calibrations
  4. Joshua D. Cruz, Applied Topology, Sheaf theory, Topology
  5. Shalla D. Hanson, Dynamic Optimization of Anti-tumor Immunity in Rapidly Mutating Cancers
  6. Ma Luo, De Rham theory, Hodge theory, periods and fundamental groups of algebraic varieties, especially those of moduli spaces of curves.
  7. Dmitry Vagner, categorification and diagrammatic algebra with applications to low-dimensional topology and representation theory
  8. Darryl G. Wade, Topological data analysis, other applications of topology
  9. Jieren Xu, medical imaging, Poisson denoising and convex optimization
  10. Dong Yao, Probability
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