Junchi Li, Graduate Student

Office Location:  274H Physics
Email Address: send me a message
Starting Year:   2009  
Mentor(s):   Jonathan Christopher Mattingly
Advisor(s):   Richard Timothy Durrett

Typical Courses Taught:

Office Hours:

Monday 2-3 pm for MATH 641, PROBABILITY. Spring 2013.

B.S.Peking University2009

Research Interests:

My research interests lie primarily in stochastic dynamics on graphs and networks, together with applications of probability theory in sociology and biology.

Selected Other

  1. Serve as (departmental) GPSC representative - more story at GPSC Web Page. August 2011 - present, Meeting Minutes: [available here]    
Selected Talks

  1. The Axelrod model for dissemination of culture, April 2011, Duke Math Grad/fac Seminar    
  2. Introduction to Particle Systems I-IV, August 2011, Duke Summer Probability Seminar "DPS"